Cartesia Desk Tamo Tree




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The desk with new drawer system, opening in 2 different directions.

Designed by NOSIGNER

This innovative desk, developed with traditional wooden craftsmanship from Tokushima in Japan, possesses the same special feature as our CARTESIA drawer: a 2-directional structure, allowing you to access multiple storage at the same time as well as eliminating blind spots in the back of each drawer.
This sophisticated business desk was designed to assist you. In addition to its clever Cartesia system, it features a small side-drawer to store electric cables and a deeper one for documents or large files. The Cartesia desk will be your perfect working partner.


  • Material: Wood (Tamo Tree)
  • size: W1520 × D700 × H710 mm
  • UPC Code : 816400014758
  • EAN/JAN : 4571380486853
  • *This is a built-on-demand item.

Traditional techniques
from the ship-carpenters of Awa

Awa Tokushima, Japan

The tradition of the ship-carpenters from Tokushima, at the time called Awa, started more than 400 years ago.
After the Meiji era, craftsmen in Tokushima inherited the ship-carpenters' precise technique to build furniture (e.g. vanity tables) and became the finest producers of wood products in Japan.
Designers managed to create innovative products, using the traditional technique from Awa.
This tradition is therefore now available in your daily life.