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Exquisite wooden boxes, connecting to each other via embedded magnets.

Designed by NOSIGNER

MagContainer is a range of magnetic boxes made of noble wood to store, sort and display your accessories. They come in various shapes such as angles, squares and diamonds, allowing you to mix and match them at will. Thanks to the magnets inserted within the wood, any structure and combination are possible.
Create your own piece of furniture and let your imagination run wild with MagContainer.


Materials of MagContainer

Traditional techniques
from the ship-carpenters of Awa

Awa Tokushima, Japan

The tradition of the ship-carpenters from Tokushima, at the time called Awa, started more than 400 years ago.
After the Meiji era, craftsmen in Tokushima inherited the ship-carpenters' precise technique to build furniture (e.g. vanity tables) and became the finest producers of wood products in Japan.
Designers managed to create innovative products, using the traditional technique from Awa.
This tradition is therefore now available in your daily life.


  • Natural wood with veneer finish
    (Tamo Tree, Japanese Quince, Walnut)
  • Includes: All products come with a lid.
  • size: W100 × D100 × H50 mm
  • Tamo Tree
    • SKU: MS-MC001TM
    • UPC Code : 816400014260
    • EAN/JAN : 4571380486310
  • Japanese Quince
    • SKU: MS-MC001KA
    • UPC Code : 816400014277
    • EAN/JAN : 4571380486327
  • Walnut
    • SKU: MS-MC001WA
    • UPC Code : 816400014284
    • EAN/JAN : 4571380486334


This product is made of natural wood veneer.
Please, follow the instruction below.

  • This product is designed for storing objects. Do not directory fill it with edibles.
  • This product contains magnets. Do not put it close to objects affected by magnets. (i.e. magnetic tapes, magnetic cards, watches, electronics devices, medical devices, communication   devices, etc.)
    We do not take any responsibility and we are not liable for any damage and/or data-loss caused through use of product.
  • This product may be damaged by strong impact, dropping or strong force. It may also be damaged by stuffing objects exceeding its capacity.
  • This product may have sharp edges. Be careful when handling it.
  • Due to the characteristic of natural material, appearance of grains or color may different product by product, even with same species of wood.
  • Due to the characteristic of natural wood, white powdery substance may appear on the surface. Wipe them out with dry clean clothe.
  • Due to a characteristic of product material, expansion and contraction may be observed, by distinctive seasonal changes.
  • For your storage or usage, avoid exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
  • Do not use this product near high temperature. Deformation or fractures may be occurred.
  • Do not wet this product or leave it wet long period of time.
    Deformation, fractures or mold may be occurred.
  • Wipe off immediately with dry, soft, clean cloth when liquid is delivered over the product. Stain will remain.
  • When the product is damaged, stop using it immediately.
  • Use the product at out of the reach of small children.